Buhari v Atiku: A Choice Between Two Shi!t Sandwiches

I can’t hide the fact that I have issues with both candidates. In Buhari’s case we have a man who has killed the Nigerian economy and brought about unnecessary hardship for most Nigerians. A man stuck in the past and not receptive to new ideas or ways. Whenever I listen to him (something I now seldom do) I cringe. Many Nigerians were warned about his undemocratic ways and were asked if they were certain he had changed.

Atiku on the other hand is an alleged crook with numerous critics, notably former President Obasanjo. Judging by Nigerian political standards most of the allegations about him are true (the average Nigerian politician is a thief), there are probably also many illegal dealings involving him that haven’t come to light. There is absolutely no way that we won’t have the large scale corruption we have had in the past if he does become president, that is assuming it actually did go away under Buhari. I am like many others not convinced by Buhari’s faux corruption crusade. But is Atiku any different to any other Nigerian politician? I don’t think so.

But here we are, faced with choosing one of these men as the president of Nigeria. If I had my way neither of them will be an option. But we are where we are, I see it as a choice between two shit sandwiches, the first sandwich has more shit than bread while the other has more bread than shit.

I think the choice should be pretty clear, Nigerians choose wisely.

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