BONN: Buhari Of Nigerian Nation

I still remember Buhari’s coup in 1983 (The one he did not know about) and the 18 months that followed. I was definitely to young to know the implications of his actions but I do know that things changed for the worse under him. The only thing I probably liked was WAI (War Against Indiscipline), I know most people hated it and many still do but I strangely liked it. I liked the fact that people cleaned up after themselves and queued like civilised beings. I guess I was and still am naive about how to straighten people up and get them to act right.

I am a huge Fela fan and even he didn’t approve of Buhari and Idiagbon’s WAI as heard in his now famous song Beast of No Nation (BONN). I first hear BONN in 1989 while studying in Bida, it was highly anticipated and did not disappoint us Fela fans. The truth is I don’t have much of an issue with WAI, there were far greater things to dislike Buhari’s regime. Like press suppression and his handling of the economy.

The Buhari of 1983 is ideologically the same as Buhari of 2019 with the only growth being his age, we know this by his actions between 2015 and 2019.

Buhari sees himself as some sort of Messiah, the only one that can save Nigeria. Here is a man who believes he won the presidential elections in 2003, 2007 and 2011 but was then somehow denied by the incumbent and then the Judiciary. In all three elections General Buhari was unable to do anything about his grievances. This time he can and will.

Even if Atiku wins the election he will not be president of Nigeria, Buhari will do everything in his power to stay and stay he will. We are yet to see the worst this man has to offer. Nigerians will realise how fortunate we were to have had a president like Goodluck Jonathan who walked away once he lost. Atiku, Obasanjo, IBB or any strong man type politician would have held on to power. Buhari isn’t an exception, unfortunately he is going nowhere.

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